Being Too Powerful

Being Too Powerful

Yes, you can be too powerful. Just watch this video, skip to 1:25

Being Too Powerful - Video Screencap

As you can see, this car had so much power that it’s frame could not handle it. Now I want you to imagine that car is the human body. The engines are the larger muscles (quads, hamstrings, glutes, pectoral, lats) and the frame are you stabilizer muscles (hip rotators, deltoid, core) and your proprioceptors (muscle spindle, golgi tendon organ). In order for you to avoid self-destruction (ligament tears, muscles strains, joint sprains), you have to ensure your frame is built to handle your engine.

Train Your Engine

Stick with the big lifts (squats, deadlifts, shoulder press, chin-up, row, bench press)  and uni-lateral lifts (single leg squats, half kneeling kettlebell shoulder press, single arm dumbbell row).

Train Your Frame

Uni-lateral training and core training are a must. Uni-lateral exercises train both your engine and frame while core training stresses just the frame.

As you can see, uni-lateral training can improve your engine and your body’s ability to handle it. This type of training puts your body into position that are seen on the field and trains your muscles to hold or explode from the those positions. I believe it is essential for any athlete’s program, probably not golf because all the swings are on two feet.

Your job as an athlete is to remain on the field and have a presence when you are on. Unilateral training is essential for reducing the amount of injury incidences and increasing your ability to perform!

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