[su_quote style="default" cite="" url="" class=""]Antoine has the unique ability to translate his knowledge, empathy and candor to a personal training experience unlike any other. He took my struggles with cardio and strengths in weightlifting to build a program that catered specifically to me. He was always up front with criticism, but also positively reinforced progress we made together. It does not matter if you are an athlete looking to improve or a beginner starting at square one, Antoine is the personal trainer for you.[/su_quote]

- Lucas Fenstermacher, 26 years old

Google Reviews

Michael M.
COO of Smitten Ice Cream
37 years old

“I’ve been working with Antoine for over a month now to improve my overall health and getting back into shape. It proved to be a great move."

Tiffany Kang
Communications Strategist & Community Liaison
27 years old

"As a dancer with performance goals in a context different from your traditional athlete, i'm grateful to have benefited from antoine's programming and guidance -- becoming not only more powerful, precise, and fluid in my movement, but also more knowledgeable about how to holistically level-up my body, mind, and spirit. antoine's 360 approach sets him apart from most in the field. as an aside, if you value discipline, mental health, and self-development, i'm confident you'll see antoine's services honoring and catalyzing your broader life path!”

Krista Gwilliam
Fitness Director
29 years old

“Antoine's ability to program and train for his clients is top notch! He's a great coach and motivator, would recommend him to anyone!”

Ketan Kotharti
Co-Founder of Edmodo
52 years old

“If Precise and Personalized training is what you are looking for, Antoine is the one!”

Esther Gohkale
Author / Posture Specialist
50 years old

“Antoine is well-informed and supportive, making the path to fitness both effective and enjoyable.”

Mary Beth Leonard
Professor and Chair, Department of Pediatrics Stanford University
57 years old

“I've working with multiple trainers over the last ten years and Antoine is outstanding”

Craig M.
President of Sierra Orchards
68 years old

“Training with Antoine has been the highlight of my personal program for improved strength and mobility. He brings years of knowledge, experience and most importantly, safety and integrity, when designing and executing a personal training program. I can’t recommend him enough to anyone seeking the best personalized program.”

Alexis P.
Stanford Ph.D candidate
26 years old

“Antoine is such a positive, upbeat, and knowledgeable trainer, and I can't imagine anyone else I would rather work with to meet my goals!  Thank you so much!!”

Ari Weitzman
Software Engineer
32 years old

“Antoine is awesome. I ran track and played club sports in college, so I'm somewhat experienced with training, but my competitive days are behind me and I got out of shape. I told him I wanted to get back in gear the right way, but wasn't sure I had the time or desire to pick up a full training regimen. He was very cool, gave me a demo and helped me just feel sure I was putting myself on the right path in the gym and was using proper form with my lifts. Even though I'm not completing a training program with AD, Antoine told me he'd be there if I changed my mind and gave me feedback and advice that helped me do the right things in the gym. Antoine is a knowledgeable trainer, and a great guy. I recommend him for people of all levels trying to improve themselves.”

Anson Felder
Business Technology Analyst
28 years old

"Antoine gets how to identify goals and then create a custom workout program for his clients. During my time with him as an ultimate frisbee teammate, Antoine put us through some hellish Saturday morning workouts which tested both my body and my mind. He knows how to push you and is an all around good guy!”

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