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What do you get when you buy a package with AD Sports Performance?

Training Based on Your Constraints

  • I take into account several variables to individualize a program that best meets your needs and goals: time availability, fitness history, injuries, likes / dislikes, equipment availability.

Gain Value in Your Time

  • Time is valuable, especially yours. Most ultimate players have to balance work, friends, family, and ultimate in our lives. Training for 2-10 hours per week is a huge personal investment. Buy services with me to ensure that not a minute spent training is wasted.

Team Based Approach

  • I work a team of 8 Coaches who help formulate a program that best fits your needs and goals. Between my colleagues and I, we have 40+ years of experience in the the sports performance world. My team has worked with Olympians, Pro athletes, College stars, and High school prodigies. So my clients and I track all of our work together and all of the metrics and see how all of the systems and strategies are turning into athletic results.

Techniques Used by World-Class Athletes

  • Incorporating learnings from big names like Kelly Starrett, Mike Boyle, and Mike Gentry, my programs reflect the approach that Olympic and Professional athletes use to increase their performance.

Stress Removal

  • AD Sports Performance is a cocktail mixture of strength, mobility, power, endurance, flexibility, agility, and skill training. Let me be your bartender, so all you have to do is sit back and sip!
How do you create individualized programs for each client? 

Time Availability

  • No sense in giving you a 2 hour workout when you only have time for 30-45 minutes. I'm here to bring you success, not more stress.

Fitness History

  • During our first week, you and I search for your strengths and weaknesses in performance. When all the information is gathered, the review process begins: I determine where you need to begin and what you need to do to optimize your training and performance.


  • Whether it be chronic or acute pain, past or present, big or small, all injuries are taken into account. Steps are taken to figure out how to remedy the pain and reduce the chances of it resurfacing.

Likes / Dislikes

  • Training does not have to be a mental battle with yourself. I include the activities you enjoy doing, along with activities that complement those preferences. Training should be fun.

Equipment Availability

  • Not everyone has access to a gym, and even if you do, some gyms are better than others. I take the time to understand what kind of equipment is available to you so you're not spending your time MacGyver-ing a way to complete exercises.


What else do I get when purchasing training with AD Sports Performance?

Office Hours

  • I'll answer any questions you have about performance or training. For quick questions, Trainerize also has a chat option that allows me to provide answers quickly.


  • Training with AD Sport Performance, you'll gain confidence during your time training translates powerful steps towards your goals!

Instant program updates delivered straight to your phone

  • With our app, TeamBuildr, I can update your programs instantly! Missed a training session or twisted your ankle? Just shoot me a quick message and your program will be updated in minutes.

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